Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! 

Sumerluft is a folk band based in southern Germany. Currently we are playing live shows in Germany & Austria. If you wish to inquire for booking details please send us an email at booking[at]sumerluft.de  

You can listen to our music online on our media channels:

---  You-Tube  ---  Soundcloud --- 


We are an independent band so it would be much appreciated if you support us by buying our music. 
At this time we are not able to offer delivery of physical CDs outside of the EU.
But do not despair if you live elsewhere (or prefer downloads anyway!). 

You can download our new album via ITunes, simply klick on this link. 

(It's also a lot cheaper!)

If you have any questions feel free to drop an email to katja[at]sumerluft.de